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I would like to sell my new CD book, “The ABC’s of Cooking for This Crowd or Any Crowd”© by Arlene Correll.   It is for sale for $19.94 + $4.95 shipping & handling. With this money I would like to buy some of the following things: A nice tea cozy, a gardener’s apron, a full length cooking apron, and other good stuff that I may not have thought of.  However, should you be able to make any of these or have something about that value and would like one of my CD books, I would be glad to trade with you. “The ABC’s of Cooking for This Crowd or Any Crowd”© by Arlene Correll is a cooking and gardening memoir of wonderful recipes, gardening hints, and family photos and little stories, spanning 4 generations.  A unique essay that will provide you with many tasty & healthy recipes and an intimate look into this family. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

Go to this page and find many, many goodies where Arlene Correll will consider a trade for purchase. Just ask. You will find Amethyst Gemstones complete with Certificate of Authenticity. There are pictures and descriptions; Arlene will send large attachment photo upon request. Next find everything you need to know about Succeeding in the Real Estate Market. Last on the page, you will see an impressive group of artwork by the famed Anna Sandhu Ray. Visit and enjoy looking around. There are links to all parts of Arlene's website where you can find her own artwork of world renown.

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