The best of the gardening information

Need help in the garden? Look through our own Garden Treasury or ask for help (Send Nita an email.)

Park's Gardens

Of all the seed and plant companies, I like this place the best. We order from them and from other companies but Park's gives a descriptive listing with valuable information on everything they carry along with photographs. Often I can find no other instructions. 

USDA Home Gardener

The is a USDA site with lots of specific information. Topics: Backyard Conservation, Garden InfoGraphic Pointers, Gardening, Fruit Production, Landscaping; The Home and Garden Information Center, Home Horticulture, Horticulture Solutions Series, Landscape & Nursery, Home & Garden Tips, Organic Vegetable Gardening, Plant Hardiness Zone Map and more!

Backyard Gardener

Backyard Gardener is an excellent source of gardening information but they also send out a free email newsletter every week or two. They will also send a regional report but it is part of Park Seed and I've already signed up with them. I had gone looking for information on Larkspur and the search sent me to the Backyard Gardener site.

Byron Tumlinson

The complete works of Byron and Caroline Tumlinson. They have T-N-T Farm in Seadrift, Texas. With lots of great experience, the hints and tips are great items to know as you plant your seeds and care for you veggies. Have a question, send Nita an email.

High Country Gardens

This is an excellent website if you enjoy catalogs and Xeriscape learning. The company is High Country Gardens and the page offers many things. You can order a printed catalog, you can check out the Garden Tips and order free email tips or read them online. We already get their catalog but I ordered another anyway. I ordered one each of the email info brochures. Very good information!

Garden Information for NW Gardens

This page has all sorts of information files. Also find all the past issues of the gardening newsletter. Sign up to get your own free email newsletter. This is Oregon State University and they have lots of great information.

Countryside Magazine

This is Countryside and Small Stock Journal so if you already subscribe, you don't get another free issue.  I just checked on the offer and it is still valid. If you are new, they will send you the current copy for FREE. They are sure the magazine will make you want to subscribe. We do and it's well worth the price. 

The following is from their website:

COUNTRYSIDE is the truly original country magazine (established 1917) serving that branch of the Voluntary Simplicity movement seeking greater self-reliance (homesteading), with emphasis on home food production. This includes gardening, small-scale livestock, cooking, food preservation, resource conservation, recycling, frugality, money management, alternative energy, old-time skills, home business, and much more.

COUNTRYSIDE features reader-written personal experiences and photos straight out of our family albums, making each issue just like a long letter from friends who are living the good life, beyond the sidewalks.

 Backwoods Home Magazine

This link is the sign up page for the BHM free email newsletter. It didn't say free but I found no mention of a charge. They advertise their printed magazine and you will sure be wanting to order your own subscription but the newsletter does not cost anything. The website and newsletter both have great volumes of valuable information. I stayed a long while and didn't want to leave. 

My Shade Garden

I have subscribed to the sister newsletter My Deer Garden newsletter for a long time now and only today realized they have more to offer. I signed up and look forward to learning more about shade gardening. Our summer sun is too hot for most plant life and I need to learn all I can on the subject.

Landscaping with Native Plants

This is a government site dealing with green landscaping using native wildflower and grasses to improve the environment. The program seeks to attract a variety of birds, butterflies and other animals. They include everything you need to know to get started. Information is specific to the Great Lakes area and list nurseries in that area. Good general information.


In an attempt to reduce the excessive water use, the Texas Agricultural Extension Service is educating Texans in Xeriscape landscaping, quality landscaping that conserves water and protects the environment. This concept is a first-of-a-kind, comprehensive approach to landscaping for water conservation. Traditional landscapes may incorporate one or two principles of water conservation, but they do not utilize the entire concept to reduce landscape water use effectively.

USDA Plants Data Base

It is unbelievable how much information can be stored on a data base. This is a government site and has no advertising. The Plant of the Week was periwinkle; the one plant I had been looking for help with. Look through the listing for characteristics and find the breakdown of habits, needs and toxicity. At a glance see where the plant is found across the US and if it is not native, when it was introduced. It gives every plant's usage for forage, fuel and lumber. I just skimmed the surface and look forward to going back with plenty of time. Check out the Farm & Ranch and find Defending Against Drought. You will find ideas on water, land and crop management to consider while creating your own drought plan.