Been picking greens to put in the freezer. Dandelions, last of the cowslips and watercress. Wonderful as a really quick cream soup in the wintertime. Just finish cooking them, blend them and put them in with milk thickened with a little flour. Salt and pepper and its your very own Fast Food. Serve with a chunk of bread spread with homemade butter. Yummy.

This week, one of my earliest kidbearing does is starting to dry up. She's not producing as much milk as normal. So, I have stopped milking her as often. She is now milked once a day instead of twice. She still gets her cup of grain, only in her pen instead of on the milking stand. As time progresses, she will slow down even more on the milk production and I will start milking her once every two days. And so on, until she totally stops producing milk. Then she will be put back out to pasture with the bucks and other dry does until she has a baby next spring. This does not hurt the animal, it is a normal process and allows her body time to recuperate and gear up for next years breeding.

We are really busy here, pulling weeds in the perennial gardens and planting in the containers and the regular gardens. I have tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower and cabbage sets to go out and onion sets to put in the manure patch. It doesn't really stop around a homestead at all. There is always something to do. If your not outside, then you are inside catching up on the housework. Put a mixture of family, church and town meetings with this and it really never stops. We have no problem with sleeping at night.

Last week a friend told me that she lives in town and so can't have a garden. But, she has flower gardens. I asked her why she couldn't put some tomato plants in with the flowers and a whole new world opened up. She is now planting an herb garden with veggies mixed in with the flowers. Its a simple idea, everyone should try it. Its also great practice for growing a real garden if you ever move to the country.

I have to go fill the manure spreader and start working again. Until next week, take care.