I do not think I will ever get used to the heat of this Texas prairie. It is my own fault; I slept in this morning having not gotten much sleep last night.

I was up showered and in the garden by 10:30 . My hair which is long and straight, normally takes 2-3 hours to dry. Well today I was outside about 30 minutes and it is dry!

In the garden there are many tomatoes on the vines, 3 cherry tomatoes are almost ready! I saw 2 bell peppers, a few jalape�os, and 2 zucchini. The green beans have flowers; the corn is about 3ft high. The potatoes are lush, as are the squash, and cantaloupe. The corn and squash seems to have taken over the sno peas.


 The rescue kitty, whose name has changed to Kitty (from Squeak) is both a joy and a nuisance. She loves to tackle my ankle and nibbles my heel. She tickles awfully when she does this! She always does it when I am busy though. Usually in the kitchen cooking! More than once I have slipped or slide trying to keep balance and food in place!

Brunch is fixing, waffles, bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes fill the air with their aromas.


The boys begin their wakeup routines. It is late, almost noon , but they were up late with their dad last night. They played games on the computers.

We play lots of games here. Over meals we may play dice, uno or trivial pursuit. MJ may challenge Chris to a chess match, sometimes Chris lets MJ win! Late at night the guys play computer games over our LAN. They love the army type games.


There is a sense of peace that permeates the air. Today is a day of rest, there is not rushing from here to there or anywhere.


Tonight, Thursday, we had a dinner guest, we taught him to play the dice game 10,000. He caught on quickly and seemed to enjoy the play.


This morning in the warm sun I went to the garden. I found there 4 cherry tomatoes, the first fruits as it were from my garden. Nothing in this world is better than sun warmed, fresh tomatoes eaten right there in the sun, with the slight Texas breeze blowing on you as they burst in your mouth!  I can truly say, no finer meal has ever been served me than those 4 tiny, red, warm and ripe tomatoes! I somehow doubt any of the cherry tomatoes will even make it to the house! I noticed 6 more that will be ready in a day or 2 this evening!

As this week comes to an end, it has been a good one. The hard times are still upon us, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  God has blessed us once again. His love is boundless and just as I feel myself falling into a pit of despair, I feel His gentle tug. Small reminders of His presence are everywhere. I am learning to enjoy them as I see them.

Well time to wind my evening down with a bit of sewing. Until next time my friends, enjoy the little stuff that goes right!