at the bank with Lori Lynn

One day when my daughter, Lori Lynn, was about 3 years of age I took her into Dexter to the bank on a Saturday morning with me.  She was a very cute little curly headed blonde with large blue eyes and a quick smile.
The bank was very crowded that morning with the people wanting to cash their paychecks and get on with the rest of their weekend.  I saw a neighbor man that I didn't really care much for.  He came up to me and my daughter and tried to give Lori Lynn a big hug.  She struggle out of his grasp and said "Ugh".
He said 'You're my little girl-friend aren't you?"  Lori Lynn looked him right in the eye and said "No, I'm not!"  He looked surprised and said, "Well, you're mommy likes me."
Lori Lynn's loud reply was, " No she doesn't!!  She says you make her sick!"
The bank manager had to turn his back on everyone, but we all could  see his shoulders shaking, others just roared out-loud and others snickered while my bright red face shone brightly while I was waiting for a hole in the floor to swallow me up.  Everyone had the same opinion of the man, but none was as honest about it as Lori Lynn was that day.

Grandpa Birds


One day while driving along a lake shore in Minnesota, our grandson, Mark, said "Hey Dad, look at the Grandpa Birds.  When my son looked, he saw a couple of Bald Eagles.  Yes, my husband is bald.  When my son told us about that my husband, Jay, told him that we had a lot of Grandchildren birds, "Wild Turkeys" in our pasture area.