This week was a pleasant surprise!  With clouds and rain it was cooler than the norm. There were of course high winds that seem to accompany all weather in this area. The corn was blown a bit sideways, but seems to have recovered nicely!

Chris has one more week of algebra, and then he will be able to relax, just going to his job when we

have a home game. Drew went to work for a local rancher but the drive is just too much, 24 miles one way in a car that is not running right is no fun! So now the job search begins again.

In the mean time there are projects to do here, furniture to repair, and weeds to pull.

The rescue kitty seems to want to run outside! Until she is spade though that is not going to happen!

Life seems to be running smoothly here for the moment. The stormy skies are a wonder to see, the wind feels fantastic as it blows in my face while I sit in the doorway awaiting the coming storm. I rarely close the door before the rain begins to pelt my face. I long to finish the front porch so I can sit out and not worry about water in the house!

The garden appears lush, regardless of the hoppers. I can hear them hitting the plants like hail when I walk in the garden. So far nothing is available to eat but cherry tomatoes, and since I am the only one who eats those, I am well satisfied! Though they are only ripening at the rate of 3-4 per day. None of them have made it to the house yet!

Today I went to a yard sale, for $4.00 I got a huge cookbook (I collect them!) a basket, perfect for holding my knitting that I am still trying to do, and an intricately carved wooden box. The box is now secreted away awaiting MJs birthday in a few weeks. He loves these types of things, and they are very expensive in town but here I got it for a great price! They had a few other things I was interested in, but I need to do some grocery shopping first.

So now I am off to make my list! Then I will enjoy the storms for awhile, perhaps I will let the rain lull me to sleep. Days like this are perfect for a book, a couch and a soft afghan or comforter!

Have a wonderful week everyone!