These past two weeks, we have had a sow that had 16 babies and six were stillborn, she laid on three in the first few days and the sow is still having bleeding problems. I have been dropper and bottle feeding and the last five are now healthy. I only have one left in the house. The rest are doing great with the sow to keep them warm at night. They are also getting goat milk every day to help them along. The one in the house should go out this next week. If the sow doesn't recuperate soon, she will go to sausage, but every day that she produces even a little bit of mothers milk for the babies is a plus. I will have to can this sausage because the freezers are full.

There is one sure thing about a homestead, there is never nothing to do. My daughter told me last week that I needed a vacation and it was the best joke I have heard in a long time. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are doing great. Trying to keep up with the weeding. It really gives you a lot more respect for our ancestors.

Soapmaking needs to be done next. I am running really low. Down to 6 bars left. More later, I have to go and feed the piglet.