A View From Mel's Place


Man my zucchini, cantaloupe, melon, cucumbers n squash vines are HUGE not making any fruit but the vines look like they could eat me!

I have my doors open today, the gentle prairie wind is blowing, keeping my home comfortable though not really cool.

We got our first electric bill from the new company, we saved over $200! Being able to keep the ac off during the day will help even further.


The little house next door has been a hive of activity this past week; it has been scrubbed, sanded, patched and painted. Whether this is due to it being bought or rented already or in hopes that it will go faster in better condition I do not know. It seems so lonesome some how. It is not a large house; it would fit almost totally in my living room/ dining room!

Well the dog awaits his bath so I must go for now, I will write more later!


Wow! I have been so busy lately! I must begin crafting for this years Christmas presents now as well. I want to make the ladies signs for their kitchens, but as yet I have no ideas on the men. They will probably get video rental gift cards.

MJ and I are working to make a web site that will be part information and part swap meet, where some crafty friends of mine will offer their wares. It is still at least a month away!

In addition to that, I have recently become the owner of a message board! It is called Prairie Homemaker and is a Faith, Family and Frugality board. We are small, with fewer than 400 members, but close knit, and there is lots of information there. Nita says I may post it in my column so here it is for those of you who wish to see what demands a good bit of my time lately! http://hillbillymaggie.proboards20.com/index.cgi   .   Hillbilly Maggie is the former owner. She decided she wanted to devote herself to her other sites and was going to close the board, but asked me if I would take it over instead. So I became the owner, we did change the name and logo but the focus remains the same!

Also, if any of you wish to get in touch with me personally, you may email me at melhbhw@wcc.net Nita forwards me emails and this way ya’ll can write me directly if you want to!

Well as usual the kitchen floor is refusing to mop itself so I must tear myself away form my writing and tend to it. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and week!