I spent a lot of the last few days raking and dragging debris once again. I was really surprised that Francis left so much for Jeanne to work on. My trees are really thinned out this time.

Hurricane burn out has set in for I find myself not wanting to watch the news during the weather report. I will get over that once November rolls around and the hurricane season officially comes to an end. In the mean time those real big and heavy shutters will remain just as they are; just in case..



Electricity is slowly being restored in my area and my hurricane guests who holed up with me during the storm are back to surveying their damages. My time this morning has been spent dragging huge branches from my trees that were snapped off during Jeanne. What a mess. My trees look like they have been taking chemo! It will grow back!

There is another one out there [Lisa] but she is turning north and we all hope she will continue on that track. Florida doesn't need another one.

Thank you for your concern. Your sweet words were much welcome music to my soul.