Something new to Think About


I get several messages a week asking why we cannot allow people to buy their prescriptions from Canada. We can buy things from all over the world... well then why not medicines from Canada. We just must be allowed to save some money!

I get several dozen messages every day saying they are a genuine Canadian pharmacy offering any and all medicines with no prior prescription or doctor's visit. Shipped today, you get it tomorrow. Oh yea sure thing. I don't believe most of what I read. The tone of these emails points to calling you a fool for ever paying a medical doctor for what you think you need. Oh really? And they will keep your file and know what other medicines you are taking. They wouldn't let you take something you shouldn't, now would they? They will follow up for signs of complications, right?  

If indeed what you get in the mail is what you ordered, you cannot carry it around with you; not without the label on the bottle stating the prescription number and information about the drug and the name and phone number of the doctor prescribing the medicine. If the friendly policeman wanted to search your purse or car during the traffic stop, you would be arrested for being in possession of a controlled substance. Call the lawyer!

Some emails lately suggest that you should medicate your mother, father, sister, brother, etc. If they are in the slightest hurting, then relieve it! By all means, stop the pain. 

There are now lots of commercials on the television trying to teach people that the only way to fund research is to use the profits of the drug companies for specific research. If the doctors quit prescribing, what then? No new technology? 

Are you really paying in excess for your medications? Long ago, we had an article sent in and it is still worth checking out. CLICK HERE! and you can read the comparison. One of our local television stations decided they would do their own checking since we didn't have a Costco; so, they called the Sam's Club which also is a membership store. The report told that anyone could go into Sam's and state they only want to go to the pharmacy, where they were welcomed to take their prescriptions. The cost? The lowest of all found in the city, actually equal to the Costco prices. Shouldn't that tell us that it is the corner drugstore that is adding on all the extra cost? Yes!

Don't forget that if you do order these "drugs" and you do start taking them or giving them to your loved one, there is that chance that it isn't what you ordered. What will you do about it? What will you do if dad dies from what he was given? Who will you sue? 

My dad kept griping that his medications should be free. He had to go without and then when he told the doctor he had quit, the doctor gave him plenty of sample packs. A bit of time showed that his stepson was soaking every penny mom & step dad had from their Social Security incomes. They were having to take out loans just to try and keep up. What a farce, a near 40 son, couldn't work because he had too many kids and couldn't pay the child support; he sat back happy at what ever woman would work to support his needs. Wouldn't you know, dad's Social Security was plenty to cover his monthly expenses, it just couldn't include an extra person, especially a greedy one.

If the insurance company came to you and said they'd not pay for any prescription unless it did come for a cheap source, like a Canadian pharmacy, would you accept it quietly? Would you give up all the security you have knowing the companies who stand behind the prescribed medications? Not likely!