A View from Mel's Place



October has come! It brings with it rains and much cooler temps! Both very welcome here on my homestead!

I have been busily sewing on Christmas presents, apron to begin with. Friday night the storms were loud as i sat quietly in the living room sewing or reading by turn. (When my eyes get tired of reading I sew, when my hands are tired I read!( I had the drapes open and enjoyed watching the lightening. 

Saturday the boys had a buddy come over and I have listened to them play on their pcs (he brings his with him) or a card game called warlords, which the boys are teaching him to play.

So far the aprons are taking nice shape, I got the extra supplies I need to make the magnets and kitchen signs as well. 

The time for comfort food is fast approaching, stews and soups begin filling my mind as I plan menus and gather ideas for recipes I want to find. 

On the computer front, MJ has installed a new operating system call Linux 9.1 Personal to our shared pc. I love it, it has everything built in, and even has the ability to work in windows programs, like word. I love the speed and ease of use, there is no fear of virus in using it either. So far I have found nothing to not like about it!

Sundays are a relaxing day, reading, sewing and watching football are my hobbies (Go Texans!)

Well there is a game going, my aprons are calling as it the book I am reading, so I suppose I ought to go and enjoy it all.

Y'all have a great week!