We've been discussing the putting up of the harvest without electricity being used. We do have a freezer, but that fills really fast with pork. From there on we can or dry our meats. We make jerky

from turkey, chicken and venison. We can chicken as soup most of the time. We can the breasts separately and use them for quick Sunday dinners. We can pork, chicken, turkey and venison sausage.

Mushrooms are dried. Apples make it to chunky applesauce, or dried in pieces for snacks. We dry peaches, pears and berries as well. Nuts are shelled and canned, or left in the shell in a tin storage bin for later cracking.

Butter is made down into royal ghee. This is the oil of butter, golden yellow with the butter flavor..the milk solids are taken out, so the ghee will store on the shelf. If it is topped while hot, it will seal as well. Never goes rancid. We'll use it all winter into the spring. Goat's milk is made into Feta cheese and stays in the storage unit in the salted water and stays all winter as well. Herbs are dried and so are the hot peppers, onions go into pantyhose and the garlic is braided. Carrots are put into a box of sand and moist maple leaves put on top. This will keep them into December. Beets and corn are canned and dried. We dry the pumpkin. The winter squash stays really well in the root cellar. So do the potatoes.

We are almost done.

Come on winter. I'm as ready as I can be.