Edible Landscaping

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The above site offers an extensive selection of easy-care, disease resistant, edible landscaping ideas. Established potted plants are shipped year-round. Choose from hand to find, unusual and the classic favorites. They even have bamboo.
This database lists every perennial plant that is worth growing for the sake of its produce, and that is hardy in at least 3 USDA hardiness zones; it also contains a selection of the most popular perennial herbs. Every plant listed here will survive temperatures down to at least 15 F without special care, and to at least 10 F with special care.
Adding fruit to an Edible Landscape by the Virginia Coop Extension Service.
PlanTea is a fertilizer sold on the page by the author. Books for sale but also lots of freebies. Free newsletter, tons of specific information. Edible Landscape info as well.
  The center photo shows plants producing edible fruits. But also look below for below ground grey water watering system. Excellent.
  Ohio State University Extension, FactSheet