We have been busier here than normal because the weather here in the Northeast is quite mild this winter. Means we can catch up on more jobs. We had a great holiday season.

We had a set of triplet goats born on New Years Day. All does. We had to bring them in for bottle feeding. We still lost two of them. They were just to small and probably not fully developed internally. On January 3rd, we had one large doe born and her Mom developed mastitis the very next day. Now she is in the house on a bottle. Not what I planned to do with my early morning hours, but when a baby is hungry, you feed them. The two are doing really well.

We now have two sheep. One is a dorset ewe and the other is a Southdown ram. Hoping for babies to be born in the spring. Hopefully brown and white spotted. We do petting zoos and that would be a nice addition.

Getting ready to start planning the gardens. Still selling eggs to one of my regular farm market customers.

My grandchildren came before Christmas and went home to Ohio. We play with the great-grands this coming weekend. Its fun, but they live far away and its hard to see them more than once or twice a year. Especially with a farm to run. We are getting ready to cut back on the animals. Old bones are getting ready to slow down.

Have to go make butter and get water heating for more chores.