Extracts and Baby Goats

A great New Year to all. 

We had triplets born on January 1st. One larger and two really small ones. Of course we tried to save them all, but we lost the two smallest ones. They were all does, so a real loss. We have the largest one, Sparkle, she is doing really well. We had a single birth on January 3rd. This one was stepped on by Mom and not walking well, so in the house she comes. Mom dried up two days afterwards. Very little colostrums for the baby. We used the colostrums from the mother of the triplets.

She is doing okay now, still a little bruised from being stepped on. We make her walk 6 or 7 times a day and use her legs. She doesn't like it, but she does it. Her name is Joy. God is good to us.

Making extracts is so simple. Pick the product you would like to make an extract of...ginger for cookies, almonds for flavoring a special drink or cake, you can use anything that comes to mind. Spice up your holiday gifts. Easter is coming. We use peppermint for candies.

Get a couple of small jars. We use 2 and 4 ounce jelly jars, sometimes honey jars if they are small enough. Now, fill that jar with crushed herbs or ground spices, ground up nuts, whatever you want the extract of...add alcohol to the jar until it reaches the top. Leave a small amount of space so you can shake the jar. We use Devil Springs vodka, but you can use any type of vodka or grain alcohol you can buy. Brandy may be used if it has the same flavoring you are making such as blackberry.

Put the jar in a cool, dark place; remember to shake it every day at least once. More if you remember it. After 10 to 14 days, open the jar and smell it. You should be able to smell the condiment you put in there, not the alcohol. Strain the solids out and put your extract in a dark bottle and keep it in a cool storage place. Use it in place of vanilla and get an extra zip of flavor in your foods.

We use ginger extract in the gravy for pork. Wow!

Maple walnut cookies have an extra mapley flavor with walnut flavoring added. Use your imagination. Its a fun way to make your food taste better and make your friends agree that you are a fabulous cook.