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Make your next vacation a learning vacation!  


If you ever wanted to learn stained-glass crafting or to improve your stained-glass skills, then Avalon Stained Glass studio is the place for you.  We offer a 5-day seminar to introduce and guide you through a world of color and beauty limited only by your imagination.

STAINED GLASS CRAFTING is easy to learn.  You do not have to be an artist; you only need to be “good with your hands” and have “an eye for detail”.  A good sense of humor and a little patience will get you through this course just fine.

Carl Correll; our master stained glass artisan; will teach you and guide you though the course.  His goal is for you to produce a finely crafted project and to have as much fun as possible while you are doing it.

Most studios teach glass crafting by having you make a little sun catcher and then sell you expensive tools and equipment to go on to larger projects.  Very little time and effort is spent on skill or technique.  This usually causes enthusiastic beginners to “burn out” in frustration.

SKILL AND TECHNIQUE, once learned, and a few simple tools, is all that are needed to produce project after project, simply and easily.  Carl will teach you all the skills necessary to make your completed project look as good as anything he produces in his studio.  You will complete your project and this program with confidence to continue at home.

INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED level students may work with the instructor to custom-tailor their training program, designing a project that places an emphasis on improving skills and/or exploring new techniques.  Advanced students may choose to develop three-dimensional design and fabrication skills by building a stained-glass lamp.


OUR FIVE-DAY WORKSHOP begins on Monday and continues through Thursday from 10 am to 5:30 pm .  Fridays is usually half-day sessions beginning at 10 am and finishing by mid-afternoon.

CLASS SIZE is strictly limited to no more than four students to provide as much one-on-one training as possible.  Each student will produce a well-crafted window/panel, approximately four square feet in size.  Each project should have 70-80 cut pieces of glass.  Each panel will be an original custom design, reflecting the subject choice and taste of the student.

ALL STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE intensive training in glass design, pattern selection, glass cutting, soldering and finishing techniques.  Carl’s goal is to help each student achieve a sustainable proficiency in each of the various technical skills required for stained-glass crafting.

YOUR TUITION INCLUDES most of the materials, glass and supplies you will use in your design.  Occasionally, a student may choose some special components such as jewels, agates, or special glass that may cost a little extra.  Lunch is included in this workshop.

YOU DO NOT NEED to buy any tools.  Carl will provide the use of all tools necessary to complete your project.  Once you have completed your project you will be far more knowledgeable about what few tools you really need to continue.


For those of you who live too far away to drive to class daily, Carl can arrange for comfortable accommodations right here in Munfordville at the Munfordville Motel.  

GLASS WORKSHOPS are offered one or two weeks each month.  Just give us a call to discuss details for enrollment and accommodations.  Enjoy your next vacation by learning and making a special project for your home.

STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED to take "entertainment breaks” by taking in some of Hart County ’s local sites.  The area abounds with points of interest, fishing, and cave exploring.

STUDENTS WHO LIVE NEARBY and intend to go home each evening are always welcome.

WORKSHOPS ARE CONDUCTED on a year-round basis.  Please try to call for arrangements at least a month ahead.  Once we have agreed upon a class date and accommodations, we will require a $100.00 class deposit.  Upon receipt of your deposit, you will be contacted by phone for confirmation and arrangements.

TUITION - $595.00  


Stained Glass Studio

100 Dave Wintsch Rd.

Munfordville , KY 42765

Phone: (270) 524 9567

Email: Avalon@learn-america.com

Website: http://www.learn-america.com/stories/storyReader$134

The Artist, the Staff, the Fun

 Stained Glass Artisan, Carl Correll, a mechanical genius and entrepreneur over many years, at the age of 66 he decided to take all his talents and use them in his stained glass studio.  The skills he has acquired over the years are the same ones you will learn in his workshop.  Carl will work with you to develop your own design into a working pattern or for those of you who might be more comfortable with some patterns he has used over the years, he will show you how to start with them.  Upon arrival you will be given several design books to review to choose your pattern or to get an idea from in order to design your own pattern, so that you can begin your project right off.

STAINED GLASS CRAFTING provides many hours of excitement and fun.  It is always satisfying to complete a project that will provide lasting enjoyment for years.  Come join us and learn the basic skills necessary for a good beginning in glass crafting.

Lunch is included in the workshop.





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Stained Glass Studio

100 Dave Wintsch Rd.

Munfordville , KY 42765

Phone: (270) 524 9567

Email: Avalon@learn-america.com

 Website: http://www.learn-america.com/stories/storyReader$134

Or you may call our studio between 10 am and 6 pm (CST) and register using your VISA, MasterCard, Discover credit card, or American Express card.  Registration deposits are non-refundable.

Directions to studio: from Munfordville Courthouse go North on 357 2 miles, Right onto 2185 for 3 miles, Right onto Dave Wintsch Rd. and we are the 1st driveway on the left.

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