Thank you so much for all your prayers. They are what have sustained me over these grueling months.
I finally got my email to work. Have been struggling with this computer all this week. For some reason an update on my e-trends program wiped out my Netscape Browser and there was no way the techs at e-trends nor the engineer for WebUnited could figure out why the new downloads of Netscape wouldn't open nor my old CD Netscape. I have been forced to install outlook express to run my mail box. It then turned into a nightmare trying to get mail to go out on outlook. The engineer for my ISP was able to get the inbox to accept emails in but for some reason I kept getting "not a portal" error messages whenever I tried to send anything and to make matters worse the darn error message ate my emails like a dryer does socks! Now I am stuck with this lousy little notepad window to write emails in instead of the beautiful Netscape Composer. Rats!!!! I guess it is better than what I thought my computer would end up as: A glorified game playing machine. I have had to search through all my little scraps of paper in my desk for email addresses that were scratched in long hand and tossed here and there in my desk for that just in case scenario. Well it came and now I am dealing with trying to build another email address book. I now have your email address in my book. Not an easy task to say the least dealing with a computer.
 I am so glad Bill has kept you all up to date on what is going on around here. I am still waiting for a call from my Primary Physician with a referral to a Rheumatologist. It is the consensus of some of the people who have seen my slides that my immune system is attacking my lungs now and they want to have me put on a newer immuno-suppressant drug. I may have to live like a person in a bubble the rest of my life if that is how things end up. Everywhere I go I carry a mask with me and when I have to get into a close proximity with people I have to put the darn thing on and walk around like Darth Vader...
 Last night Bill took me to Salerno's and they gave us a secluded booth where I could be free from my mask. It was delightful and I winged it without my tank although we had it in the car. I found that I was really ready for it when we got out of there. At the time to leave and I stood up I felt like my legs were rubber and my head had had to many drinks of alcohol. I had a real buzz without the hangover the next morning but I sure had a blitzen of a headache in the car until the oxygen took care of business for me. I was really feeling like I could do without it but my body told me otherwise. Thank goodness I have a 50 foot hose attached to my oxygen machine and can now be in contact with the world here at my desk!
 I have been up about as long as I can take for a while so will have to close this out and get back off my feet. I think I could do better if I didn't have to deal with all my bone and nerve pain in my back and legs in addition with my lack of air.
 Please keep me in your prayers and say hello and thanks to everyone.
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