(Note from Nita: This is the only way we have our baked potatoes now. They always come out just perfect. I time mine just a little different but that always depends on the microwave. Our old one just quit and I am learning all over again on the new one. It heats hotter and faster. Usually, I go for 12 minutes for a couple BIG potatoes and let them stand until the meal is ready to serve.)

Another way to bake potatoes in microwave: Wash potato thoroughly, pierce with fork or knife, rub Crisco or olive oil on potatoes, wrap in plastic wrap. Pierce them again with fork or knife and cook for 7 minutes at 70% and then 5 minutes @ 70%. You will have to adjust the time to the size and number of potatoes. I use BIG bakers and divide them in half for the grandkids and we pig out on 1 and a salad. The potatoes are creamy and the skins are easy to eat and cut. You can do this as well on a campfire if you substitute foil for the plastic wrap and place each potato in a foil boat that has a little butter/margarine/olive oil in the boat! You need to watch them and squeeze them regularly as they will cook to long very quickly and you have about an 1/4" of black potato but the inside is still quite good.