I have been so busy here on the farm. We now have 6 baby goats. All does. We had one stillborn buck, and two does that died after birth, but right now we are on track to start the second herd.

We are awaiting our first lambs. No babies yet. Lots of eggs from the chickens, I wish it were warmer because some of the hens want to sit, but its to cold. The eggs would only freeze. We lost our last litter of rabbits. It was to cold and the Mom wouldn't or couldn't nurse all 11 of them. That's a loss, as we sell the babies at Easter time. Oh well... More wonderful work for the farmer, but I love it.

Planting has started in the greenhouse and we have lettuce, radishes, onions, tomatoes and hot and sweet peppers growing nicely. Its sunny today, so the little plants will do a little more growing. If one wants large onions for storage, they need to be started now, for the NY markets. Our local farmer market has been approved to be at the Kinney's drugstore parking lot in downtown Moravia. The village will sponsor us and provide liability insurance. I have 2 more producers on board for this season and Jack and I will pick up the Locke Farmers Market as well as the Moravia Market. That should keep us out of mischief for the summer. We are also planning on building a small house to move into. This mobile home is falling apart around our very ears.

Have a wonderful week and I will try to start writing again soon. I have 4 more does to freshen and then the lambs??? Then I will have more time... Until the gardening starts. Take care of yourself and God Bless.