The past month has been another rough one for us. On the 12th of March I almost lost Bill. He had a massive heart attack and I say thanks every night that we live where we do. He was on the operating table just 10 minutes after the ambulance responded to my 911 call and the surgeon put in 2 stints where he had 2 major arteries blocked 90%. Nine days were spent in the hospital and he is just getting back to a regular routine but each day is a trial for us still. I am still on oxygen and high steroid doses and just riding a fine line from being able to keep some things going around here and being back in bed struggling to breathe. I worry all the time about Bill trying to do more than he should and getting a setback so I push myself probably more than I should but women are used to having to do this. I know that all the girls out there will agree with that statement.

 Still being tethered to a 50 foot cord to breathe has curtailed my getting outside like I would love but I just love this time of the year when the orange, lime and grapefruit trees are in blossom. The air all around the back yard is so sweet with their fragrance.
 Please let all those that are on AOL that I would love to answer their email cards to get well but I cannot write anyone in AOL even if I hit reply to do so. All this super security that AOL is giving them is isolating them from those of us out here that aren't paying AOL to be online. I am affiliated with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and their email newsletter is addressing this very same complaint. They cannot write to any coast guardsmen who are on AOL either. I am not alone on being in this boat. I am still not doing snail mail to AOL people hoping that AOL will clean up their programs to at least let people who their people have written to to at least reply without rejection.
 I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the prayers and good wishes you have sent my way. I really believe I wouldn't be here if it hadn't been for the many prayers. Please don't stop.