Not much is happening round here at the moment. It looks like we will not be moving right now, which is fine, I will stay here and fix this place up, if we can do so to make it last until we are 90!

MJ and I both caught colds from Little Bit. His mom left yesterday for boot camp, so today I begin my full time sitting!

We finally put the finishing touches on our web site (http:/ww.prairiehomemaker.com) and have it and the new message board up and running! This week we will finish it off, and lock the old forums as an archive.

We got the news also last week that both Drew and Chris will leave for boot camp on August 15th. It is both good and bad, we really could not afford 2 trips to San Diego this year, but now I must adjust to sending both my babies off at once. While a part of me is ready for them to begin their lives on their own, another part wants them to go back to toddler age so I can hold them in my lap for a little while longer!

Ah, well it is time for me to get ready to go se Little Bit.

The view from here today holds the promise of rain; I must get the windows down! I love not using the ac or heater!

I got a set of laundry poles, the other person was not home when the guys went to go get them, I am hoping we can get them later this week maybe!

Well I need to go for real; I hope the view from your place is just as gorgeous as mine!