You are right about sticking close to home. I have an oxygen generator machine that grinds away 24/7 and a 50 foot hose to it. That is the radius of my existence.

  Bill is bouncing back remarkably for a man of his years of age. He is the stuff that won WWII for our country.
  My lungs are touch and go. I am told to reduce the amount of the prednisone that I take but when I do the fluid starts to build up again in my lungs and my feet swell up over my shoes making my legs look like elephant legs. Not a pretty sight indeed. I am beginning to think I will never be able to wean off the stuff. Now I am beginning to hear more horror stories on the news about being on it long term, even in small doses per day. Catch 22 every time one turns around.
   The weather here has been stupendous! The Air and Sea show has been going on this weekend and the noise those jets make when swooping down over the house to make their show passes along the beach where over a quarter of a million visitors are enjoying them is window rattling and foundation shaking. My cat flattens to the floor is one of them catches him walking along in the house when it makes its pass. I live just under a mile to the ocean. I can not understand why those jets don't make their turns out over the water instead of zooming over this heavily populated area in a scary formation of 18 inches between planes wingtips. Too close for my comfort. Only 2 more shows tomorrow. That's it for another year.
  Say hello to all for me and thanks for the prayers.