Have I a side splitter to share with you. The laugh is on me.

 I live in a community that is sort of open gated in north east Fort Lauderdale. Here everyone has a swimming pool but 40 years ago when this community of Imperial Point was first developed this was not the norm. I have opted to not have a pool. In its place I grow mangoes, papaya, bananas, coconuts, avocadoes, limes, oranges and grapefruit... I have palms and assorted other tropical flowers and plants. A little tropical jungle in the midst of baron development.
 Now in every neighborhood you have the proverbial litterbugs that feel that what is out of sight is okay and I happen to have just such a neighbor along side of me. I am always finding that this neighbor finds it so much easier to toss unwanted junk, like cigarette butts and so forth, over the tall wooden fence between out properties. These I pick up along with candy rappers and so forth. You get the picture.
 Last week I wrote you about the red mushroom that I suddenly found in my yard after we had been dumped on for a couple of days by rain. I thought this came from the soupy weather we had been having. Well, yesterday I took another look over in the corner at it. I could see from the distance that it was looking rather brown spotted and moldy. I hunkered down and duck walked under the thorny branches of the key lime tree over to where it was. It looked weird. Not like something animate but rather like something disgustingly spongy. I touched it with the toe of my shoe and suddenly realized that this d--- neighbor had tossed the slimy filter from his swimming pool over the fence too. What a mess of emotions went through me as I trod around the house to dump the offending object in the garbage can along with the mango leaf that I used to pick the d--- thing up. I wouldn't touch that thing on a bet. I was laughing at myself for thinking it was a mushroom and also incensed at the gall of that neighbor. Oh well, live and let live.
 Still hot and steamy here and will be for another 3 months. We are almost half way through hurricane season. Half way through the alphabet too.
 Sitting like a duck in a shooting gallery till November..
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