A View from Mel's Place


Finally it is cooling down! The high today is expected to only be 88! Lovely weather!

MJ and Drew are outside working on the van. I am inside doing laundry, writing and missin’ Chris something awful. His last letter sounded so lonesome. I want my baby back! I am hoping to keep going on the no news is good news. MJ said he was going to call his DI and ask them to have him write and I said don’t you dare! From what I hear guys get in a lot of trouble for not writing their moms!

Well this Friday our Skeeter cat goes to the vet to be “broken”. (Why do they say fixed when they are not messed up in the first place?) No kitty making for him! Or the 3 girls who will follow, one per month! Since Chris left and I am home all the time (I only go to town once a week) the cats hang around me a lot, getting their noses into my sewing, helping me type articles and such. I know they are lonesome, but some days I am tempted to lock ‘em out of my room! It is hard to do that with Skeeter though. He is adorable; I hope being “broken” doesn’t change his personality very much!

Well I am supposed to be lying down (either my sinus is swelling on my teeth or my teeth are swelling on my sinus, either way it hurts) so I am supposed to be taking it easy... yeah right!

I hope y’all have an awesome week!