Right now I am doing up the last of the peaches and trying to keep my ram alive. He had a real nasty case of worms. Been so hot up here, that the worms are multiplying faster than we can treat the livestock. My goats are finally drying off so I will have more time to can, freeze and dry the food for this winter. Apples, pumpkins and winter squash are moving really well at the two farmers markets we attend. Weather today is cool and rainy. Yay!! We have had some cool nights, but the days have been 80 and above. 

My poor husband has been going crazy with trying to keep fuel in all the vehicles. Our diesels run on vegetable oil, but one tractor and truck still operate on gas. Ouch... I have to go plant some fall bulbs this afternoon, and then make Jack an apple crisp. He asks so nicely, can't refuse. Thankfully its cool enough to bake. 

We just received a pygmy goat wether. Now I have to tame him down so he can be in our petting zoo. 

I hope everyone is aware of the new animal standards that will be mandatory in January of 2008, if we can't stop them. All farms and animals will have to be tagged with numbers, so all the animals can be tracked. Go to USDA\NAIS (http://animalid.aphis.usda.gov/nais/index.shtml) (if you have to copy and paste, don't include the parentheses) and read the plan and the standards. This country is so great in so many ways, but the Homeland Protection Act should be repealed. It gives the government too much power with no accountability. Oh well...off my soapbox and back to the foodstuff.

Take care and I will be writing more soon.