A View from Mel's Place


Howdy y’all! Another fine day at my prairie home! I have been busy, pulling sticker grass as I find it, usually with the hem of my dress! My big rose bush is blooming again, having gotten over the shock of moving, the med one is growing, no buds but lots of growth, and the tiny one still is struggling! I am hoping in Spring it will come back its robust self!

I tried to get the mower going, a no-no according to MJ and Drew, they want to do the mowing, and so does the mower cuz it will not start! That is ok, I actually have a lot to do inside, but it is so pretty outside I want to spend some time out there at least! It is still too hot to turn off the ac, but cooler days are being gifted us now and then!

This week I am expecting some patterns to come in the mail, I need to make some new skirts as I am tired of the old frumpy looking ones! MJ got me some pretty material the other day. I set out looking for one for an apron that has been ordered, and still have not found what I want for it! The lady asked for an Italian theme... I found one but walmart did not have enough, I was told more would be coming in this week or maybe next, and so I will keep haunting them until I find it! Normal turn around for my aprons is 2 weeks, but usually I only take orders form stock I have on hand, but I do try to find what folks want if I don’t have it.

Today will be a busy day of cleaning, cooking and sewing. I have finally gotten more bleach so the floors will get done right in the bathroom and kitchen! Speaking of which, the laundry calls me and so off I go, to do more! LOL I am hoping to get all my work done so I can relax and finish a couple aprons I wanted to do this weekend, and some curtains for the kitchen. I love sunrise, but it kinda hurts the eyes when one is doing kitchen sink jobs!

Y’all have a fine week now, y’hear!