A Tribute

I came across this article while going through some papers and notebooks stowed away after one of our moves.

We love our animals and over the years have had more than a few. Since moving out from California we have lost one per year, usually in Autumn it seems, although I don't know why. We are only allowed to have them a few years. Heartbreaking really, like loosing a child.

I can't seem to read the entire story for tears today; this is an excerpt written by Al Ruechel and is about his dear Cleo-dee, "A Tribute to A Furry Friend". I am so reminded of my own Father, my husband, a brother-in-law and now my dear son, and hope that you will forgive me Al, it's just so lovely.

"My oldest daughter called me on the phone to thank me for being a dad who loved every creature brought into the house without question. And took the risk of loving them knowing the hurt that would follow when they would eventually die.

There is a virtue and healing and spiritual growth that comes from getting very close to creatures that crave and live for the company and pleasure of human beings. And there's something beyond words that happens when we are privileged to return them to the earth from whence God brought forth their life with a thankful and full heart....."