Saturday, the 15th of October

Another soggy day here in south Florida. There is another low out of Bermuda and it is causing the supposed cool weather to keep out of our territory. Every weather man in this area really dropped the ball on this weekend. According to their spiels there was to be the first cool front of the fall to bring us out of the upper 80's. The balmy 70's predicted for yesterday were replaced with a feel like of 93. Boy did they miss the mark on that one. Now the warm moist weather from the Caribbean is fighting the cool dry weather that you have been having. I really don't mind for any cool front is usually so short lived during October and November that it is just a big tease and I keep the sweaters packed until December unless we travel north of here.

My rubber tree cutting that I took a couple of months ago is now a healthy 3 feet tall with beautiful new leaves shining in bright greens and brilliant pinks of the sheaths on the new unfurled leaves. It got its new permanent place on the east side of the house just outside my bathroom window. This will give that area some beautiful shade for those hot summer sunrises and slow down the swoop of those coastal eagles and hawks that prey on my doves around my feeders in the back yard which is on the north side of the house.

You asked about my craft work lately. I have been keeping steady at my knitting but I have wielded some super glue these past few weeks. My daughter has been showing up from work with a help me mom look. Out thrusts a hand with a portion of a broken nail and a desperate look in her eyes. Mom grabs the super glue and pops that broken shard back on the injured nail and 'voila' the look on daughters face breaks into a gleaming smile.

Husband last weekend had a back molar cap come off eating caramel 'bulls-eyes' and again Donna to the rescue with her super glue. I positioned it right back on and when he went into his dentist to get it taken care of the dentist couldn't remove it and said that it was okay till and when the super glue decides to finally let go of the cap. I don't think it will very easily. So I guess the word for this time is to always equip your household junk drawer with not only duct tape but that little tube of super glue.

I am holding my own thanks to prednisone. Have my good as well as bad days but try to see the good in every day I have been blessed with. I don't know about your area or health systems in play but here my HMO doctor isn't giving me much hope again this year in getting a flu shot. His office says that they won't be getting any doses in until after the 24th of this month. They will then have to pick and choose who they will be giving the vaccine shots to. They are now thinking they will start with the most elderly of their patients and work down toward the younger. Depending on how much vaccine they receive will determine if I get a shot or not. Never got one last year and I never want to go through another year like the past has been for sure and I fear the flu would shove me right back to that sad state of affairs. I pray not!

Hope life is treating you with happiness and health.

Love Donna