Proud Students as they graduate !

Robert C. Johns Finishes his first stained glass project.

Teresa Kindred graduates Avalon Stained Glass School

Pat Belden graduated on 6/14/07. Pat's piece is now a family heirloom as it has the Belden name etch on the bottom center glass panel.

Bev McManimie graduated on 6/13/07

Charles Wisdom of Edmonton is one of Carl's latest graduates. Here he is with his first completed panel.



Here is Kelly Van Zant, one of Carl's latest school graduates, and her finished panel. The colors do not show up well here, it is beautiful. It is hard to take the evening student's pictures since the daytime students usually go outside for me to take their pictures

Teresa Wilcox of Upton, KY came into Avalon Stained Glass Studio to buy a wedding present for her son�s upcoming wedding. The piece she chose would cost $500.00. However Carl Correll, Stained Glass Master at Avalon Stained Glass School, explained that she could easily make the same exact piece for only $295.00, plus create an heirloom piece that was signed by her and would probably be more meaningful to her son and his new bride.

Teresa says, "I had a wonderful time, Carl was so great making the lessons easy and fun. I will be making other things in stained glass. I am so 

pleased to have been able to make a wedding present that hopefully my children will always treasure. I would recommend this class to anyone."


Kathy Conner came for one of our vacation workshops. She elected to stay in our camper and she is here with her first project.  Carl says Kathy is one of his most enthusiastic students and he thinks she will create great projects. Kathy says, "The stay was very pleasant and informative".



Artist, Donita Woodcock, decided to add another art medium to her talents and took the stained glass workshop.  Here she is with her first finished project.  "I loved it totally", says Donita "and I loved the cookies served!" Donita said part of the best part was being able to pay for part of the workshop with one of her paintings. She is a fantastic artist!


Cora Jesse says, "I never cut a piece of glass before. The instructor was so patient and knowledgeable, the class was fun and it was a lot easier than I thought. I am so proud of my first piece. I finished it in 18 hours!"


Tyla says, "This is my first project and the class was simple, instructor was great and patient and I can't wait to start another one!" 


Kate Kenny of Kenny's Signs in Cave City, KY made this piece as a present for her mom.  Kate is indeed the "Mad Sign-tist" and we love having her come to classes. She is on her second project and is making a side panel for her business location that says "Signs"! Of course what else from this fun gal.