Here in NY we are enjoying the Indian summer weather. Kind of nice to have sunshine this time of year.

I went to the quilt meeting last night, in the local village of Moravia, and we made place mats. Used denim pockets off blue jeans for silverware holder on the front. Used red bandanas on the back for a country look and contrast. Sew the pocket onto a lighter color denim fabric. We used 14" x 16" for size. Place the bandana and the denim fabric, right sides together. Place a cut piece of batting on top. Pin together and sew a 1/4" seam around. Leave a two inch opening for turning. Now, tuck in the opening and sew it up by hand. Easy and really nice to use and to give for Christmas gifts. Some of the ladies added a lace edge on the pocket before sewing it on the light blue denim fabric.

Took lots of notes. I am the secretary. Was asked last week about using odd things around the house to make life easier. Here are a few...

Old wire coat hangers...undo the twisted wire around the hook, twist it into another hook and use this hanger for those messy jar rings when you're canning. When the hanger is full, put the newly made hook around the large hook and hang it up out of the way. I have one on the cabinet knobs in the kitchen most of the time. I only put them away when we have company and then it really has to be someone special.

We use a hog or cattle panel for animal movers. Count 9 squares from each end and bend them so this forms a triangle shape. Use dog latches to hold the ends together. Beats paying a couple of hundred dollars for one from the store. Put casters on the bottom if you're only going to use them in the barn.

Most of the canning here is done now. Only a few chickens left to do. Hunting is now around the corner. Of course, there will be venison to can after that. I love canned venison in the winter. We just finished the run of last minute tomatoes. We make minestrone and can it. Great when you need a lunch or light dinner in a hurry.

We are now done with the farmers markets for this year. Only the end of year meeting to be held and I can rest from that chore for the winter. I have started a new line of cosmetics. I am now doing lip balm, hand cream and honeyed bath lotion. I have to do something with the honey. We have way to much this year and it didn't all sell. There will be phone sales, but it does sell so much better at the farmers markets. The creamed honey is just the best. We now carry 40 different flavors of creamed honey. This is made by letting the honey crystalize in the barrels during the winter. In January, any liquid honey is poured off and the crystalized section is scooped out and put into a large mixer. It is creamed and then small batches are run down into smaller mixers where flavorings and dried fruits, nuts, and peanut butter is added. This is then jarred up, labels added and then the selling begins. Beeswax is made into the hand creams, lip balms, and candles. Its a great business. With the animals, growing the produce and all, you can see why its sometimes hard for me to write, but I do love doing it.

Well, time to go do evening chores. The nights are coming in early here. Don't like to use the lights unless we have to.