I was intrigued by the 'single men?' (topic).... Well, I have a son and he has a blog on www.myspace.com. He is jonpaul5.

Keeping roosters warm also caught my eye. Our winters in Michigan would have cold spells that would range in the sub zero's and I raised various varieties sheep for hand spinning their wool. The chicken, ducks, geese, angora goats all shared the barn space. On frigid Michigan mornings the sight was comical. I would open the barn door and through the raising steam from all the critters body heat I would see the chickens happily roosting on the backs of the sheep. We never heated that barn and all seemed to be okay each winter no matter how cold outside. The entrance to the barn for the animals was a little shed on the leeward side with an entrance that contained three 90 degree turns to avoid wet or snowy floors near the barn entrance from the pasture.

I received my first request for Purple People Eater Angel Trumpet seeds and they are on their way today to Oregon. I have been in search of the seed pods of the Wood Rose or at least some seeds to start a Wood Rose vine here. Any one familiar with what I am referring to??

My garden although ravaged by hurricane Wilma has sprung back and I am now watching for the first signs of red in the tomato patch. So far lots of green ones and blossoms. My garlic is great this season. Usually it is too humid for it but this winter has been blessing us with some dry air fronts and it really loves it.

Finally got a visit from FEMA last week and the man must not have shared more than a couple of sentences with my husband. The total inspection was spent with his nose in his lap-top computer. We had hoped to get help with the busted column roof supports and the eaves trim torn off the house by the cable and telephone lines when they came down but he seemed interested in only the receipts for the generator. Bill made him aware that we had NO windstorm damage on our insurance. Oh well, we tried. We have called the phone company and they ask if we are calling on our home phone. We say: "yes, but the wires are still down in the back yard and ripped from the house with the decorative molding that they had attached them to." Our pat answer is the same as our Comcast cable company gives us: "your report has been received." As of today: Jan.25th.2006 our wires are still looped across our broken chain link fence and strung up into our avocado tree where we propped them after Wilma 3 months ago. Bill said he will place his phone calls once a month and we will just live with it as it is.

On a closing note, I am slowly adjusting to the blob in my left eye. I still see the flashes of white strobe light but now only when I move my head to turn to see something at my side. It has been a month now and I haven't lost anymore of my eyesight.. For that I am really thankful.

Love and countless blessings to you and all your loved ones and my PhancyPages friends and their loved ones,




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