Speed Racer


Tim�s Mother, Ruthie, had at least two bad car accidents that she told me about. She was well into her 80�s before giving up her keys and car.

My Mom scared me a few times but she was a very good driver and from what I understand, except for a couple bumps in parking lots, never had any bad scrapes. Unlike myself.....

The summer before she died we all met at a restaurant, probably Garrotts or something like that. Mom rode shotgun with Tim at the wheel. She was forever telling him how to drive and he just did what she said. Her favorite order was about his speed. Tim has only had one speeding ticket since we�ve been married. But, he always checked his speed when Mom said something.

Our car back then was a nice Ford Taurus sedan, cherry red. I loved it and it was comfortable in the back too. That�s where I was that day when I noticed Tim had switched the odometer from Mph to Kph.

From the back seat I watched Mom do a double take at the speedometer. I�m not sure, but I think it said 130 or something. She looked out the window and then back at Tim and then slapped the junk out of him. We had to pull over because we were laughing so much. Mom was also laughing and trying to figure out what he�d done. He got slapped some more for that one.