Bill gets one week off just a month from now and I am so anxious to head for Michigan and see all those grand kids of mine. I sure do miss

them but not that snow and ice. The coldest it gets here at my house is in the 50's. A far cry from the weather up there!! We plan to attend 3 days in Daytona at a RV rally for good sam and then head from there and be back home in a whirlwind trip. Bill, I and our 3 cats for 9 days in a 24 foot motor home. If we all can survive that, we can survive anything!
 My older tomato plants are still producing fruit and I have a new crop of plants growing like weeds inside my stripped bare lampshade cages. I think I wrote you before about these for tomato cages. They work really great. Right now we are still in the dry season but by the time we leave the rainy season should be kicking in so I will not have to worry about watering my patio, potted plants. I built a cage inside the inner perimeter of a 22 gallon container that I had put a drainage hole inside and planted some catnip seeds. Have to have a cage around any catnip grown outside around here for the people here let their cats run loose and no catnip that is unprotected survives very long for sure. This catnip will be enjoyed by my own kitties. I can remember the farm we had up in Michigan had catnip growing wild all over the place. Any cat that got onto those grounds was happily drunk out of its mind.
 Still struggling on those taxes. Too many distractions makes the going very slow. There are so many other things I would much rather be doing with the gorgeous weather we are having right now. I love the outdoors here this time of the year. Windows open with no screens, mind you, for during the dry season we don't have any flies nor mosquitoes here at all. The continuous soft warm ocean breezes keep those pests at bay out in the everglades. Best place for them! My citrus trees are coming back from hurricane Wilma and I noticed that my Valencia Orange is blossoming now. What a great site and smell to see the greening of my trees and enjoy the sweet aroma of the white blossoms. Wilma wind burned all the leaves off all my trees. Looked like the barren landscape of the north during winter just a few months ago.
 Things are getting back to normal. Last week there was an announcement that all but 63 traffic lights had been repaired and replaced in Broward County. We still have our cable TV comcast wires on the ground and after numerous calls to Comcast we have just decided to prop that wire permanently up in our avocado tree and let it be.