Just a note to let you know that we are starting off for our trek north to avoid hurricanes the day after tomorrow. Will be packing up the computers tomorrow so will be off the air on email and also phone for the next few days. We use our house phone through a computer hook up to our cable television company. I think Bill said that it was Vonage.

I am taking the last of my seeds for my angle trumpet up to Michigan and will try my luck up there to generate more seeds. I hope your seeds germinated okay and soon will have beautiful purple flowers. Hope to hear when that happens.

Please keep me in your prayers. These last few days have been hard on my body and a terrible exhaustion has fallen over me. I am very short of breath. I am increasing the amount of prednisone I am taking and maybe that will help.

I am really going to miss my garden here. My bananas are in full blossom as are the papayas. The mangos are about the size of small baseballs. Pineapples are about half the size they will be in another month when they will be ready to harvest as will the mangos be ready. My tomatoes are loaded with green fruit that is not quite to the point where we could pick any to ripen later. I have a dear friend who will take care of things around here and has been given carte blanche to enjoy the harvest. I will hear via email how it is going. The avocados are not showing very many green fruit this year due to the set back from Wilma. When we get to Kalamazoo, my son said that he would till up a big garden space for me. It should be fun to see what we can do with it this summer.