I have been busy with the farmers markets opening and getting all the vendors lined up to sell there.

Also, greenhouses are up and going like a fury. We have cut back to 12 goats and 3 of them are for meat, Mama Pig had 7 babies, and we still have about 100 chickens. Loading up stuff for the junkyard to bring in a few more dollars, and almost have enough for the down payment for the loan on the new house. When I sell the land in Summerhill, I will use that cash to put in the cellar. We are going to use the pressure treated foundation. Runs about 3500. with the insulation, drainage and backfill. Putting up a new shed to hold stuff until the house is done. Mowing lawn now uses up about 1 + 1/2 days a week. Too much lawn. Raised beds are doing nicely and weeding is getting easier. Working with several other people who have greenhouses to keep plenty of product on the table at the market. Strawberries were a disaster this year. When we needed a week of warm, dry weather, we got a week of solid rain. Most of the crop rotted on the vines. Raspberries, blackberries, currants and gooseberries look good, unless the birds get too feisty. Blueberries are great, but the catbirds have decided they like them green. I like the birds, but they can do a lot of damage to the crop.

I have to sit on grand jury the rest of this summer.

Not nice at all. I have to waste every other Wednesday just sitting in a room, when I'd rather be outside. Yuck. And some of the things that people do to each other. Yikes.....

My youngest daughter has realized in the last year, that if she doesn't do the discipline now, she won't be able to do it later. She has started using her hand on the proper place to emphasize the order. She is getting better results. And..the little monster is only 3. He's really smart, but always wants his own way. I'm glad she's getting it right now instead of when he reaches 10 to 13 and can't control him.