Your shaking the tree for Max sounds like me outside my kitchen window shaking my banana plants [sort of trees] to scare squirrels out of them while Al has a fit on the other side of the window, sitting on my chest freezer. There is one squirrel that just defies him and teases him. I sometimes fear he will go through the screen after it.
 Bill is totally enjoying the Michigan summer life!  He is talking about staying here during the winter! HA!!!!!! He will change his mind when the rotten, dreary sunless Michigan winter starts to get its grip on him. He will be the first one in the motor home heading south for sure....
 Last night I saw our cat duck real fast to the floor and rise slowly in front of the french doors looking out onto the back forty. Ears were tucked down to her head like outstretched flags of a signal man of a landing ship deck.. I immediately jumped up from my computer to see what had spooked her. Out on the lawn, frolicking in the clover were 2 full grown rabbits and their little one. My cat had never till now seen a bunny rabbit so it took a while for her to gain confidence to sit upright and watch them. She was all excited while I was apprehensive. I am thinking to myself "There goes the garden!".........
  You asked about the eyes. They are still driving me nuts. I keep swatting at mosquitoes and gnats with no results. They are all in my head. Not that there aren't any around here. Au contrer! There are plenty and yesterday I did annihilate one! Bravo!
 My body is screaming at me full time right for the rigors of moving are upon me bug time. This morning I woke up to not only the raking pain in my hips and cramps in my feet [the arches] but cramps in the calves of both legs and cramps in the thigh muscles and the back of my knees on both legs. I screamed out this time and it took a lot of pressure by Bill on my toes, pushing them to stretch my legs in a stiff position  as if I were trying to reach on my toes for the sky to get the cramps to subside enough to get out of bed. Needless to say I headed immediately for a warm cup of water and a 1/2 gram of potassium chloride. That nipped those cramps in the bud. I use a combination of Vicodin and Aleve for taking the edge off the pain. Doctors are now talking about the need for new hips and knees for me. After all the surgery on my back I am apprehensive about being carved up any more. Have to give it a LOT of thought!!!!
 Here's hoping the heat doesn't toast your garden. Sounds like you are having a beautiful one right now.