by Nancy Thompson

I have a picture of Dad from 1971 taken in Chadron, Nebraska where he had been assigned to the switchboard during a strike. Under his picture it says that Dad identified himself as “Goofy” when people asked his name. Such a young, skinny guy, thick glasses, face beaming. It makes my heart glad to look at one of my favorite pictures of him.

Another story goes along with Dad’s assignment in Chadron. Back then, most telephone booths were enclosed (think Superman) and you pulled the door to open it. You also put your change into the phone after the call was made.

The story goes that this guy made a phone call and refused to pay for it. Dad told him that he was locked into the booth until he paid. “Go ahead” said Dad, “push on the door.”

The fellow practically became hysterical and you could hear the coins clinging into the machine. Dad thanked him and told him he could go, “Just pull on the door,” he said.