I bought an Acer Scanner from Bluedeal.com  It did not come, they said it was canceled by me which it was not, then they said it was back logged and they said they would send me an HP Scanjet 4400c for the same price. I said o.k. It came and the glass was broken. I talked to them and they sent another one out immediately and said UPS would pick up the broken one.
UPS said they could not pick up with out an order.
The live chat is no longer working on www.bluedeal.com   I have sent them 6 emails for the pickup and in the meantime.. I hate the HP scanjet 4400c. Too cumbersome and a pain in the neck.  I want them to take it back. I call them and get a message that says no one can take the calls.
So I went to www.hp.com and cannot find anything about a HP scanjet4400c.
So I wrote to the pres. of hp.. who knows.  I wrote to bluedeal.com , but who knows.
I loved that little Acer scanner. 89 bucks 6 years ago. worked fast and all day long and finally wore out.
I hate this one.aaaaaaaaaaaagh