Watering Tips

  • To establish new plants, soak the pit (new root area) they are being planted in. Water thoroughly for 2 to 3 weeks to allow the roots to get a good start.

  • If you live in an area with regular rain, catch rainwater in barrels for use when rain is scarce. We don't get enough regular rainfall for doing this.

  • Soaker hoses conserve water much better than using water sprinklers. We had found some "bubblers" that allow for dispersing the water over the ground. Some soaker hoses are meant to be buried underground and others are for on top of the ground. Read the packaging. We have moles and they love to chew into the hoses for water. If the soaker is buried, you will have a major chore or give up your garden just to make repairs. You will most likely be watering by other methods.

  • Spreading mulch over the top of soil will keep the soil from drying out so fast. Check before you water so you don't overwater an area. Use good material that does not contain seeds of unwanted plants.

  • Water in the morning so that plants have time to quench their thirsts before evaporation sets in. This is recommended and best but often our schedules do not allow us to be gardening early in the day. Don't let the plants suffer.

  • Water deeply and you will get the plant's roots to grow deeper. If you water too often, the roots will stay shallow and the plants will need water more often.

  • Water slowly but check to be sure you have no runoff to waste water.

  • The mulch will help reduce weeds but keep them out of your garden to prevent competition for water.