Have been off for quite a while. So sorry. I have been working outside like an eager beaver the past few days and it really exhausts me. Have been readying the flower beds that were neglected over the past 20 years and planting

spring flower bulbs. A little at a time each day and then collapse early for bed each night. Have been really neglecting the computer. Just take time to check my CCNow site to see if there were any new orders and that was that.
 After all the planting, I then started to concentrate on the priming, sealing and painting that needed to be done outside. That ended Sunday and then the weather has been turning cold. Every night I have been covering my 4 o'clocks and Purple people eaters, which are in full bloom, for we have been having frost every night. Now the day today is not very nice and there is a forecast for an inch of snow the day after tomorrow. Those flowers will not make it to set seeds, I am afraid. Had really hoped that the fall would be a mild one and although I planted late in June, that I would get some seeds from them. Oh well, there will be next year, God willing.
 I have found that the soil here is really great. My plants that I did get in really grew like weeds. Am really looking forward to next year.
 Checked with my daughter and found that home is still hot, hot hot!  Maybe in a couple of weeks.