Click Here: The Right to Live !

You do have THE RIGHT TO LIVE! The hospital or nursing home cannot withhold assistance unless you request it. Look inside to find a special order "dog tag" that will make your wishes known. The imprinted tag says, "I Want to Live, Revive as needed, Keep plugged in." Everything is in place and ready for you to order yours. Add a few extras to give to those you love. Let them know that you will support their desire to live as long as possible.

The long chains are for wearing around the neck and the short chains and rings are for attaching to key chains or luggage. Or use the 4" chain to add length to the 24 inch for ease in covering your head and hair. Often the short chain is to attach a second tag but to set the two apart so they don't make noise. There are also little silencers that go around a tag to prevent sounds. We don't really need those.

Rose B. has written an outstanding article on Dying Issues. She has added her words to mine and Randy's. Just added Donna Schmidtke's own words.

Don't be pressured into signing a Living Will, the next step is to file a No Extra Measures with your hospital and doctor. (No Card) Even simple measures to save your life will be ignored. You could recover after being on life support and have many more years to enjoy in good health. Send for your dog tag that tells others that you want to live. We wear ours at all times! You have the right to be revived when something happens to you. Growing old and doing less is okay. Make your Living Will say that you want to live as long as possible.

Find new articles in my section. The latest will look at our ailments and how some people live to die. Please buy some of the new dog tags. They might just save your life or that of someone you love. We appreciate your business.