Strippy quilt block

(See large photo at bottom of this page)


Now, I am going to teach you how to make a strippy quilt block. Then you put all the blocks together in a pattern pleasing to you and I will tell you how to take this quilt top and turn it into a lap or twin size quilt. Whatever size you want.

First, cut 10" squares of white cotton (an old sheet will work well here) as many as you need to make the size quilt you want.

Next, take old cotton material and cut it into strips, and color any designed material you want. From 1" to 3" wide strips. You will need a lot of them.

Lay the first strip diagonally across the block 'right side' up. Now lay another strip of fabric on top of the first strip, only right side down. Sew a 1/4"

seam and press open. You will now have two strips sewn on the block. On the other side of the center strip, lay another strip of fabric and sew 1/4" seam and then press open. Continue doing this until the whole block is covered with strips.

After all the blocks are covered, lay them out on your bed or table or floor or whatever and place them in a pleasing manner. I start with a Gods Eye in the center and work out from there. Pin the blocks together in strips and then sew them together. Now sew the strips together and you have made a strippy quilt top.

Lay this top on your table, floor, etc. RIGHT SIDE UP, lay your backing fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN on top of the quilt top. Lay a sized piece of batting on top of the backing fabric. Now pin the edges together leaving a one and a half foot opening in the outside seam. Sew around the outside with a 3/8" seam, being very careful to leave the opening. When you're done, reach up into the quilt, between the top and the backing, through the opening and turn the whole unit inside out. Sew the opening shut and then sew a seam 1/2" in from the outside, all around the quilt. Using embroidery floss or yarn, tie your quilt every 4".

Use a double knot to tie the ends of the floss together and trim according to your liking.

This makes a wonderful, quick, fun quilt and its great to give as a gift or make one for your own bed. Any questions, give me a holler. From the frozen North country. Kathy