We all have odors we don't want in our homes, offices and barns. Get rid of them easily by going to an herb store, (or Wal Mart) and buy a bottle of digestive or food enzyme capsules...cost about $5 to 7.00.

Dissolve the whole bottle in one gallon of warm water and put it into a spray bottle. Spray the area where the odor is and let the enzymes eat the bacteria which causes the odor. Let the air do the rest and watch the odors disappear. By adding these dissolved enzymes to soap will also remove stains. Stains are bacteria and digestive enzymes eat bacteria. In fact, you can find enzymes listed in most of the modern stain removing products if you read the labels.

Now, the tip for this week, everyone keeps running out and buying garlic and onion powder. Make your own.

In the wintertime when the garlic starts to grow or turn spongy, dry it and put it into a spice grinder.

Instant garlic powder. Same with onions. No waste, just a wonderful powder.

New recipe...Take an overripe cucumber and 2 cups of milk; put into a blender. Pulse till cucumber is all chopped up and mixed with the milk. Add some salt and pepper, a little melted butter and Poof!! Cold cucumber soup. Great on a really hot day when cooking is totally out of the question. I also use other veges when they are available. Watercress is one of my favorites... spinach, too.