I am having a great time with my garden. Lots of hard work but paying off with rewards such as a head of broccoli that was as big as my own head and a kohlrabi that was bigger than a grapefruit. All 11 of us had only half of it sliced and then dipped into vegetable ranch dip. YUM. The same with the broccoli. I just blanched it and set it on the table. It was a hit with the whole family except Bill who sat around and stewed about how there was nothing on the table for him to enjoy. I opened a can of Campbell spaghetti to shut him up while the rest of us enjoyed a big pot of chicken breast chunks, veggies, and egg noodles thickened with stove top stuffing and a big dish of macaroni salad to which I added a can of chopped beats and a sprinkle of dill. The eating was great at least for the ten of us sans Bill.

Have learned that I am going to become a grandmother again since I last wrote you. Both sons are adding another baby to their families. I will be the grandmother of ten in the near future. My, what I have started. LOL