I have been so remiss on my email but with good reason. I am burning my candle at both ends. Grandkids, garden and stocking business have me up till midnight and rising before the sun the next day. I got my largest order from one person at one time last week. This gal from Lima Ohio ordered 2 socks and just 5 days after I sent them off to her she returned with another order for ten more. It sure shocked me. A very pleasant shock to say the least.

I don't think I announced it to you but I am going to be grandma to 3 more within the next 7 months. That will be a total of 11 for me. Looking back it is amazing what I started. Lol Had quite an experience last week in the drug store. I heard my name called and there was a face that was vaguely familiar but I couldn't put a name to it. No wonder, it was a gal from my class of '57. I hadn't seen her in 50 years. How she knew my name really makes me think I am slipping. We shared some quick history and hugged. It was so great. I will not forget her face again!!!!

I really smile when I think about Oreo and Packing Pete. He is an endearing rascal. I have a similar pest: my lonesome chipmunk. He was a very busy little one this summer and I have the most cheery yard in the whole area. He would pouch loads of sunflower seeds and bury them into any loose soil he could find. I have clumps or glorious sunshine yellow flowers all around my house and even in the holes I dug planting trees. A young tree and a clump of sunflowers at every planting. What a busy little one he was. He even dug up some of the sweet corn seeds and replanted them in the garden along with a bunch of muskmelons here and there. All vegetable parings go out to the compost pile and he grabbed the seeds of the melons and replanted them too so right in the middle of my purple people eater trumpet flowers I have melons and amid the tomato plants too. Unlike your Packing Pete, my chipmunk gives me returns much later.

Give Oreo a chin whisker rub for me.