The Great Stained Glass Collection of Carl Correll - Page Three

Here is a stained glass fairy created by Carl Correll. It is approx. 8″ tall x 6″ wide.  He made it as a gift for our niece Pat Howe and she was delighted with it.

Carl just finished this piece. “German Shepherd in Stained Glass”. It is a 14″ x 10″ panel done with a design I created on the computer. It is signed and dated, comes with an EBSQ Certificate of Authenticity and an artist bio. It really looks alive when hung in a window with the sun shining through. Gallery price is $149.50 Click here to buy.

Carl finished this charming little snowflake suncatcher yesterday. “Snowflake Suncatcher” is approximately 9″ x 9″. Clear glass highlighted with iridescent connecting stained glass and crowned off with faceted ice blue stained glass “gems”. Let this brighten a window in your favorite room. Buy today. Gallery Price $29.00


Christmas Tree stained glass night light can be purchased here.


Flower Night Light is approximately 3" x 3" this stained glass. Gallery price $29.95 Click here to buy now.

Sailboat Night Light Approximately 4" x 3" this stained glass Sailboat nite Light is the perfect touch for any room. Gallery Price is $29.95. Click here to buy now.


"Garden Butterfly in Stained Glass", A 24" x 23.5" panel was designed by me and created by Carl. A unique "one of a kind" work of stained glass fine art. The one large wing stands outside the overall image of the garden and creates something really special. The colors are brilliant oranges and yellows softened by browns and greens. Both clear glass areas are textured. It was nice to do this collaboration together. You can make on offer on it by going here.  
The Forever Rose© is an 11" x 16.75" One-of-a-Kind panel and Carl's latest creation. It is signed and dated, comes with an EBSQ Certificate of Authenticity and and artist bio. Gallery Price $191.93 plus special packaging, shipping and insurance. Or you can make an offer by Clicking here.  

Carl has been doing some small etched stained glass pieces and we are getting ready to do a big demonstration at the Glasgow library this coming Tuesday evening.

Carl's latest piece. Beveled Glory II. You can make an offer on it by clicking here.


Carl just finished this piece where he etched the design onto a piece of glass and then finished it off in stained glass and bevels.  To make an offer on this piece, click here.

<<<<<Carl has just finished working on the commission piece that has to be sent to Lynchburg, Virginia. It is the best thing he has ever done.


Carl just completed this lovely stained glass dolphin clock and it is also a night light.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

We are back from our glass and painting workshops in Las Vegas and we both came away richer with knowledge and experience. Carl really learned a lot about silk screening on glass and also about etching on glass.

Carl just finished this wonderful miniature Stained Glass "San Francisco House©". 10.5" tall, base is 6" x 6.5" and is totally electrified. This charming "one of a kind" work of art consists of total of 48 hours to painstakingly hand cut, ground and assembled 105 pieces to create this unique collectible. Signed and numbered by the artist, it comes with an EBSQ Certificate of Authenticity and an artist bio. A "must have" piece for all serious Miniature house collectors Gallery Price is $145.00