Woke up to our first frost of the season. Once the dahlias are done I will dig them and then start getting packed for the return to the humid heat of Florida. Talked to a neighbor yesterday and she says it is into the upper 80's every day and like stepping into a steam bath by going outside.

Bill is not getting better at all on his temper outbursts and last week stuck out his foot and hit my 3 year old grandson in the chest and made him fall . His mother and I were so mad and scared for he almost hit the back of his head on the stone fireplace hearth.

Everyone says that Bill has a bad case of dementia. Whatever it is I wish he would lose it. I am very miserable with his actions and lately he has really frightened me with his attacks at me. He slammed his fist on my computer desk and popped the screws right out of the wood on the leg of it because of the force. This was because I was talking to my cat in my lap and it disturbed his email video he was watching.

Cripes he repeated it again right away so where is the harm done. It was done to me! I shook like a leaf for hours later.

Please send my your address. I had it on my old email server: imail and when I got switched to Horde I lost all I had on imail and so far there seems to be no way to retrieve it. I am going to mail out some prednisone for you tomorrow, so get that address to me right away. I will watch for it today.

I am so glad that I made a concentrated effort to harvest as much as I could Friday and Saturday for I found some unexpected goodies out in the garden. I found one big beet plant that had to have come from the gopher or the birds. It was big but very tender. Not the pure red beet I am used to seeing but was rings of red and white. The leaves were beet leaves and it smelled and tasted like a beet when I cooked it but didn't have the characteristic red juice and color of a beet. Enjoyed it very much. Also found some more summer squash in a place I hadn't planted them. I am sure that this young plant was a chipmunk production. lol.

Have been feeding 3 wild cats this fall so have dug and sunk a water trough into the area that the eaves trough empties off the roof onto the ground and fixed the end of that downspout so it empties into that big metal sunken container. Floating on the surface of the water I have a stock tank water heater to keep that water from freezing. This will provide drinking water for the birds and those cats. I have set a clean plastic garbage can [the kind with wheels] onto its side on the picnic table on our back deck and this way have the lid propped up against the side of the house making an A-frame roof out of it for the mouth of the garbage can. Into it I can put 20 pounds of cat food toward the back of the can and keep those cat kibbles dry. The kitties have learned to jump up into that can from the deck and eat their kibbles. I am stocking a huge supply for my son to stop every Sunday after church and make sure the supply is full this winter. I feel better now about leaving this all winter. Can't get near them like you have been able to with yours. Hope that might happen next summer. They are beautiful, one a tuxedo, one pure black and one white with brown blotches. They never come together and when they see each other there is a lot of caterwauling.

Have to cut this short and get out of this room. I hear Bill just turning off the shower. I will get his breakfast ready and then vacate the area before the grizzly gets a chance to start in on me.