We got home just after halloween. Bill had us wait till the first Tuesday in Nov so he could vote and we left the polls around 11AM and pulled into our driveway at 9PM on Thursday. What a grueling trip. He had promised that we would make it more scenic and take our time but once he hit the road he was a demon bent on making the trip as short as possible. I had to follow him in the car. He drove the motor home and if it didn't need gas, I got no bathroom nor food break. That is how it went.

Not cold down here. Yesterday was 83. Have had the windows wide open ever since we arrived here.

On the 7th grandchild number 9 came into this world. Big bad Bill wouldn't wait another day so I could hold my precious legacy. Got a hospital photo to share with you. Evan Levi Schmidtke.

Another grandson is due Feb.19th. and another ???? due May 10th.