How was your Christmas, we celebrate small at our house. I am enjoying the 1/4 inch of 30% chance of snow this morning. We had ice fog yesterday and it started also again early today, but the 30% moved in instead. Now the sun is breaking through and it is supposed to warm

up (not literally of course) to a blistering 29 today, maybe less depending upon the wind. Personally, I enjoy ice fog, it collects in the trees and grasses, covering them with an icy glove. When (if) the sun begins to shine, the frozen fog rains down in blowing flakes, kissing your cheek with an icy kiss, disappearing before it lands.


I'm making turkey bone soup with rice, the house smells wonderful. Tim put out a bird seed (or small animal perhaps) seed, fruit, and molasses block and the birds are loving it. Downy woodpeckers have found the suet bags in the dogwood.

Seed catalogues are arriving and I am ready for spring.