Christmas was just another day finding Bill unshaven, almost nude, all day sitting at his computer having all his meals brought to him including the many glasses of ice water he must have on hand at all times or I hear about it. I quietly went about my daily chores and just kept a very low profile. My neighbor across the street brought me a plate of slices of honey baked ham and I made a big batch of salad [sour cream, marshmallows, maraschino cherries, celery, apples, bananas, pineapple and pecans and walnuts]. Yummy I also gave her a plate of fresh baked oatmeal cookies. She is a wonderful gal and has seen Bill in action first hand.

I kept in touch in a chat room with my kids and grandkids and found out that grandchild number 11is due in May, will be a boy too. That will make two new boys in the family, the other one due in Feb. Gage and Jon Paul II...... Levi will have 2 cousins near his age to play with.

As a gift to me for Christmas, I planted a new orange tree: Honey Bell Orange. For New Years I am planting a Key Lime tree.... For every holiday I try to plant a tree. The world would be such a better place if every one would do this.

The regular sock push is now over but I have 3 custom work projects coming my way. This is the time of the year where I have people send me their very old [usually 25-35 years old] stockings to me and I carefully draft a pattern by counting every stitch and row and graphing the colors. I then establish a gauge for the sock and duplicate the work that was done years ago by a deceased or unable to knit loved one. I will probable be making over 6 such socks this way in the next month. A while back I made 5 socks for the president and ceo of oxygen network. I have no idea how these people get to my little site with all that is out there but they seen to do it which makes me grateful for the business. I really appreciate your having it listed on your pages. You do such a great job with them. It boggles my mind on how you can do so much.

Bill hasn't come out of his bedroom yet today. I served him his breakfast and he growled to not bother him today for his tim russert and other shows are on today and then the dolphins game. Man he gets into those games so much. Last night he was screaming and cussing at the tv like he does at me and all because the patriots were getting scores. I silently chuckled to myself at the foolishness of his actions. That tv can't hear him or change what was happening by his screaming at it. Thought he was going to blow a gasket.

Well better go and carry a jug of water out to my new tree. We are not allowed to water the yard except on Mondays now. Too many tourists taking long showers, and flushing many toilets. Population down here is 5 million but during this time of the season swells to almost 20 million along this gold coast as they fondly call it. No wonder they flock here. Every day has been sunny and in the low 80's since we got back the first week of November. Supposed to be 85 today or maybe higher. Depends on how strong the sea breeze is today.